Cheers to 2013

Hello all you wonderful people! I am so excited for 2013, and I have BIG plans on how to help Chelsea Dvorak Photography grow. So as of right now, please visit my Facebook page ( click the tab above) for the most updated information and pictures!!!! Thanks so much for your support, and I can not wait to see where this year leads me! 

Getting Ready!

So happy to share these lovely photos with you! Angela & Philip have been such a wonderful couple to get to know, and being able to be part of their day just felt like I was an additional guest! Their kindness and never ending gratitude will always be what I remember most from this job, as well as Angela’s beauty which took my breath away as I saw her slip into her wedding dress with POCKETS! It was the perfect dress for this girl, along with all the other little details, that created her wedding day. One day I hope to have a lovely big website that will let me show you all these photos together, but as of now I have broken up into two parts to show you some of my all-time favorite images!!! Enjoy!  

Location: North Hills Club

North Carolina….how I love you!

So this post might just be for me but that is ok, because these photos make me so happy! I had the chance to go to the mountains a couple weeks ago, and this little farmers market was just a taste of my lovely trip. Everything about this store made me fall more in love with lifestyle of the mountains- the people, the fresh air, the produce, the colors, and decor-just everything about it was so ideal and simple. Maybe a couple years in the mountains would be the perfect thing…..maybe a new adventure! These pictures make me want to go back so bad. I love you North Carolina, you are so wonderful!

Jill & George

FINALLY! I have had the time to sit down and blog about this precious wedding. I do not have much to say except how blessed I was the be part of this special day. It was so much more than just the then a wedding but two families pulling together to create the most wonderful celebration of two people in love. And the WEATHER! Seriously the coldest, rainiest, windiest week at the beach I have ever seen (where jill had said they kind of had a back up plan…) and when I was driving to the wedding site the clouds split open to allow the most beautiful day I have ever seen! Only for these two :) It was such a fun DYI wedding, and perfectly suited everything about them, and I am so happy to think this is only the beginning of such a wonderful life together! Enjoy!

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I adore this little family! I got the joy of meeting this family last year when they were celebrating their little boy’s first birthday (check it out here!). A year later and baby number 2 on the way I was so honored they chose me once again to capture their growing family! And I couldn’t think of an better way to capture this lovely family then in the way that makes them happiest…being together, cuddling, laughing, and just enjoying each others company. Jon travels a lot with his job, so when he is home, Moriah says this is what they do! Read, eat snacks, and just lay around in the PJs….it doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as they get to be with each other! Placed under a couple of stars, and a purple moon and this shoot turned into an activity this family has been missing since they have been in the city. To top it off, when I came over to their home for a craft day I saw a homemade sign over Jon & Moriah’s bed that said Always Kiss Me Goodnight {Swoon!}. Could it be anymore PERFECT! I couldn’t explain how wonderfully these picture describe this family, and how excited they are for their new little addition. One more month to go….I can hardly wait!

Summer Sunshine

Hello beautiful people! I just wanted to post a little bit of my summer with you to show you what makes my heart so happy. As silly as it might sound, I would love for you to get to know me better. What I love, what makes me smile….because I think you will better understand why holding onto moments like this is oh so important. Holden Beach, a home away from home where I seriously do nothing but sit in the glorious sun, play in the sand, and wait in the waves all week long. My wonderful sister and I decided to take a bike ride one afternoon to take advantage of such beautiful afternoon (seriously 80 degrees with no humidity, pure heaven in NC!) when we stopped at this one field to soak in the setting sun. I have passed this field a thousand times, it isn’t hidden, and is right off the main beach road, but I have never seen it like this!. Thousand of wildflowers in bloom, and the sunshine just made everything glow. Perfection. I know I was at the beach, and could have taken a lovely photo shoot with the sand in the waves, but this is where my heart was just giddy with excitement. I was able to just enjoy how beautiful this moment was, and see every detail that made it so. My sister was such a good sport hopping around as I wanted to get the best pictures before the sun was gone, and I have to say these are some of my favorite images I have ever taken. It was of a lovely moment, on a wonderful day, of one of very best friends, on a very causal bike ride. So, hello, my name is Chelsea Dvorak, I love the summer, the sunshine, and spending time at holden beach….and these pictures explain in the best way I know how to show you! Enjoy :)

Wildflower Workshop 2012

Joy’s sweet girls Gracie and Clementine were lovely little models for us at the workshop! The Prairie just created the most perfect surrounding for anything we did. Simply perfect.

Wildflower Work 2012

A couple so in love it was just breath-taking! I am so in love with these photos! The magic of the sun, some wildflowers, and a sweet couple. *Sigh*